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Squad Depth & Players On Loan

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48 minutes ago, Ronaldinho Gaúcho 10 said:

It’s still there. I think it’s in the team report tab - And there should be a drop down option for Squad depth 

Just double checked and you're right. Squad Depth is still there in Team Report. It seems SI removed "Players On Loan" though.. I liked that. Now I only get sporadic reports on how the loanees do sent to my inbox..

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2 hours ago, Ronaldinho Gaúcho 10 said:

There’s a dedicated page for Loans, I think it’s in the Dev. Centre Tab somewhere with the general stats and their happiness etc. 

Aye, if you go onto the Dev Centre, it has a whole section for players on loan, how they're performing, how often they're playing, their mood regarding their time on loan, and when the loan will be coming to an end.

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