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Iceland U19?

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Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but what's the deal with the U19 setup this year in Iceland in the game? Why is the u19 team an affiliate club that can't get players from the senior side other than via a loan move? If anyone has an easy fix, I'd greatly appreciate the help!

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I've reported it before, but it's how it is in real life, so they try to mirror it. A lot of the teams have shared youth teams in Iceland, as far as I can understand. And since shared youth teams in not something that supported in FM, they have the youth team as a separate entity that is affiliated with all the teams they are youth team for in real life. I know it's closer to real life, but for the enjoyment of managing there, I think they should have their own youth team and perhaps do the shared teams as an extra affiliate or something.

Perhaps there's some db around that have fixed it, but I haven't found one. If you do, please let me know!

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