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Goal Threat

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I don't know what is happening with my goal threat, it seems I have always 15 shots per game with less than 50% shots on target and a few goals, and often it's seems they shoot wide intentionnaly, my mids are so creative and my main strikers have 5 stars ability and at least 16 in Shooting but what's the point...every games looks boring with 1 goal every 1000 shots. I've done everything possible with tactics (Shoot On Sight/ Work into box/ Run out defence/ Through ball/ from Overload to Balance mentality/ with 1 or even 4 strikers) I really don't know what to do more with it.8F818EB6-51E0-4D31-ABF8-0E8A3F9D6F66.thumb.png.b7cf2da390eb66b0d2a1572da13a4080.png 

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