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Not many players in scout reports

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In my game, I have 18 scouts.

I send them specially for young player under 21 yo. Each of my scouts (all with huge stats of 17 mini JA/JP and very good knowledge of the target country) observes only one country, player under 21 yo and potential very good minimum.

However, at the end of the season, when I look for a RB in my scouted players list, I have a total of 22 players report...

I have a friend who plays with a bigger database (more countries but I'm not looking for them), but at the end of the year, he has more than 125 players for a RB, with the same criteria research in assignment than me and same quality of scouts.

So, I don't understand why I have such a low number of results...

We compared our two games, the only difference was the senior package set on "World" while mine was on "Central Europe". The youth package is already set on "World" by my side.

Can you tell me the reason / problem please?

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1 hour ago, Maccabist said:

Do you tell your scouts to bring you reports from players with 4-5 stars?

No, I search under 21 and potential of 3,5 stars minimum.

I put my scout teams if you want. It's in French but :

Eval J = CA

Eval P = PA

Det = Determination

Ada = Adaptability

Dis = Level of discipline

Mot = Motivating

Not. Tact. = Tactical knowledge


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I find manual assignment of scouting assignments to produce pretty patch results too. Granted I don't have as large a scouting team as the OP, but ahead of the last transfer window I set my four scouts the task of searching as follows:

- Ball playing CB, det>11, budget £3.5m

- Any kind of CB, heading >13, budget £3.5m

- B2B MF, det>11, budget £3.5m

- Loan players in any position

All of the above I gave the scout free reign on region or league scouted. In five months each one came up with a handful of players, who were generally old/on super high wages we could never afford/not good enough. Now granted my scouting network is not extensive, but still I'd expect a bit better than this. None of these suggestions were serious prospects for my squad, and in the end I opted for players in other roles who had been found in earlier searches handled by my head scout, or I made do with what I had already.

In summary from my experience, delegating scouting to your head scout yields much better results than managing it yourself, albeit you count on luck to find you players in certain positions/roles. Possibly this is more realistic as I guess a professional scout should have a better idea of how to run a scouting operation than me, but still I feel in this situation effort on my part should yield better results.

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