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i am in season 21/22 and my annual youth intake message was provided by my u23 manager, stating he would like to think he had some impact on some of the players coming through..

question is why is my HOYD not saying this, i went to double check under responsibility and couldn't find the option for youth intake to make sure hes bring them through i have searched everywhere with no answers for this, in previous games am sure there was an option under responsibility any advice or is HOYD the default on youth intakes, i even sacked him to see if i could pick someone for this but nothing.

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I answered this yesterday. It's a little further down the page


If you go to Development Centre -> Youth Candidates, you can see who is set to bring in youth in the intake. IIRC, it's the same person as who is set to "Provides Youth Development Information".


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8 hours ago, Gizmo85 said:

So who ever is giving the report is the one bringing them through yea?

Yes, that's it. I've not found anything else relating to the youth intake and even on the youth intake page, the only staff member mentioned is this one.

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