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FM 2020: Sacked after failing to challenge silverware with Athletic (2nd season)

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After I finished the league in 4th place, I thought I had a successful career start. Things were not good in the Spanish Cup. I thought it was not a big problem.


In the second season while I was in the 4th place again. I got questioned by players about underachievement after I was eliminated by PSG. Then board held a meeting and sacked me.




After all this I rage quited and deleted the save and everything. Now I just wonder what you guys think about this. Was I that bad or there is something wrong with this?


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The board set you a clear objective, you failed to achieve that objective, so you lost your job. It happens. Different chairmen may be more lenient, it depends on a number of factors including  your reputation, etc. 

It's pretty harsh given how well you were doing in the league, but if that was a desired objective, they're within their rights to get rid of you. It's really important this year to check the objectives before you sign with a team. That's never really been in FM before, at least not expanded in this way. 

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That sacking was harsh but you can see why it happened.  I agree that the club vision and objectives are a work in progress and do need some tuning as far too much emphasis is placed on one item and does not take into a count the whole picture and context.

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