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New Feature Request (eFootball Manager 2021) Revenue Boost through FMCoins


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Put More focus on the online gaming platform. People love challenges and there's nothing that screams FUN & EXCITING Challenge as assembling your team and coaching knowledge to try to beat the vast world of online opponents. Playing against CPU isn't great anymore. This is only going to be a segment, away from the standard career mode.

Aspects of this Feature:

It's going to be an almost similar Replica of PES's myClub feature obviously without the ability to directly control players on the field but rather manage them the FM way, scream shouts, sub them, etc.

  1. - Gamers are going to assemble their teams based on real existing players (No Newgens/Regens)
  2. - Gamers are going to have ability to spend FM Coins to sign players, coaches, build stadiums, etc.
  3. - (I know SI are going to love this as it will boost revenue) FM Coins can be bought with real money, or through rewards by completing certain challenges (Player scored a hattrick, finished unbeaten in the league, won a treble, won the league, scored first goal, cleansheet, sooo many in-game challenges rewarded with varying FM Coins depending on the difficulty)
  4. The In-Game Time will be removed, the Footballers WON'T age & retire, they just get better from bonus points earned after a match.
  5. Players can also get better through coaching, you can retire a player and convert him to coach who will then transfer ALL his bonus points earned throughout his gametime to another player.
  6. THE MATCHES/LEAGUES: PES's myCLUB doesn't have league/proper cup style matches which destroys the competitive aspects, but there's this other management SIM called Top Eleven (the one with Mourinho) that has League/Cup/Champions League competitions as well. However, Inclusion of these competitions means sometimes the match may be played without the manager attending (if he's asleep in different timezone) and wasn't able to see his team play, Maybe assistant manager will coach the team, make subs, scream shouts and try to win the match. Personally I feel the competitions are important and should be included.

Due to the in-game purchases, Football Manager will be distributed in two formats: The Full Edition (Purchased) due to the Standard Career Mode and the LITE Edition (FREE) with the Career Mode Removed, only eFootball available. FREE to try to increase the pool of gamers who play, buy the FMCoins to give them the edge over other gamers, some gamers are just lazy to get rewards through the in-game challenges and want a quick route to success Man City style, lol. This is Business For SI so no Financial Fair Play here, spend as much as you want.

What do you think??? 

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