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Future Requests for In Game Editor


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1. Playing & Non Playing History

Hi, I've only just started using FM in game editor this year to help with the realism of Backroom Staff and some thing that bugs me with the Editor is there is no way for me to edit player/staff history whilst in game, so if there is a mistake I won't be able to edit it until I stop playing the save just like the screenshots, Graham Coughlan still Bristol Rovers Manager but in his history is says manager 2019-2019, The same with Paul Warne even though they are is still there managing their clubs it says In their history they left and I can't edit this until I stop playing the game and edit in pre game editor, so adding a way to be able to edit the History of Players & staff would be great.


 2. Numbers

Another addition I would love to have because sometimes the numbers clubs give their players random numbers like I've seen Hazard number 6 at PSG, Neymar number 13 at Barcelona, so I think the addition of being able to change their numbers in the in game editor would be great, Thanks. 


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