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Prima Donna Prospect?

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I have a 17yr old striker that looks promising on the u18 squad, knocking in a bunch of goals, his match ratings are typically high.

We just went through the Euro Cup player registration and after we were done, I get the player upset being left off the squad notice from one of my senior team players, Fair enough we had a brief chat and he's fine with it.

I then get another notice and it's from this 17yr u18 player - having a proper whinge for being left off. He's not made a senior team appearance yet. He basically had a hissyfit and it didn't end with they - you've not heard the last of this - but it did end poorly.

So is that an orange/redish tinged flag around his personality or is it just a kid being a whiny kid? Since I think he has the makings of a solid striker, I moved him up to the senior squad (while still playing with the U18 side) so I could put him in a mentoring group and hope that helps. Will it help? Or does this point to one of those players that's always going to find something to complain about.

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