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[FMT 20] DoF Challenge

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Note: This will only work with FMT as it involves the "Instant Result" feature

I've seen DoF type challenges mentioned before where you simply put the DoF in full control of incoming and outgoing signings and you simply act as the head coach by choosing the tactics and selecting the team, but this challenge flips that around and puts you in control of all transfers but you leave the match day choices to your assistant manager / head coach.

Here's how it works:

- You setup the formation, style of play, etc. at the start of the season and then look to build a squad that will be able to fit into this system as best as possible

- You're in charge of all the incomings and outgoings for both playing and non-playing staff as well as contract negotiations 

- However, on match day you must allow the assistant manager to select the starting 11 and subs by using the "Quick Pick" feature. You cannot change the team or subs no matter how frustrating it may be that you're new star signing may be picked out of position or even not picked at all

- You then must "Instant Result" all matches with no further instructions (such as "Play for the win", etc.) allowed to be used

- If results aren't going your way you can of course choose to change the formation / style of play or even replace the assistant manager, it was probably his fault all along...


Happy to hear thoughts on any other rules / features this challenge could include

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I don't believe the full version has the "Instant Result" feature that FMT does, therefore you'd have to play each match and as a result make a sub when there was an injury or a red card, etc.

Whereas with the "Instant Result", the assistant is in full charge of all of that and you simply see the full time result and are not involved in any decisions during the match itself.

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There are a lot of UIs for the full version that allow the 'instant result' feature to be used. Even if you didn't use that, could always holiday through results. I don't know what you mean by "play for the win" instruction though, so maybe there are some supporting elements in the touch version. Although, if you're not supposed to use it, doesn't really matter. 

One suggestion I'd make, to enhance this type of save, is requiring your team to be setup in accordance with your assistant's preferences. This was something I was thinking about doing early on, with some additional restrictions, but never really revisited: 

Fundamentally, "winning" on the transfer market in FM is way, way, way too easy. 

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