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Luxury issues!

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Finding myself having some luxury issues with four young attackers with great potential, but just having one spot available as my formation is a 4-3-2-1.

My first choice the last five seasons has been Joveljic who has been very consistent all those years with 30+ goals in all competitions, now also regarded as a team leader so it's fair to say I won't drop him.


My second choice has been Perez, who I've been thinking to sell because of his market value and being benched mostly, although he is a gem as well and still developing:



Then I'm having two newgens who came through the youth intake:

Gustavo has been playing with the B team on Spanish second level


Luis Enrique has been playing U19s but is ready to move to the B team as well. 



So what should I do with them? Try to sell Perez, move Gustavo to the first team to be second choice behind Joveljic, and move Enrique to be first choice in the B team? 

Or keep Perez as second choice and move Enrique to the B team to rotate between Gustavo and him there? 

Another option is to loan one of the young guys out but I'd like to keep them at the club. 

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I have already retrained another regen who was also a CF initially to be an IF in the AML position, and I have a good regen winger on the right as well, so I'd be creating the same issue in another spot. I don't use an AMC, because I need a DM due to fairly attacking full backs. 

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