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Goalkeeper starting position

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I have absolutely no idea where to put this post as I am new here so I apologise if it is not in the right place, and would appreciate some guidance on where the right area is for it!


I believe we are seeing, especially in the top European leagues, a lot more goalies that are comfortable with both having the ball at their feet and also comfortable with rushing out to act like a centre back for a clearance. With this in mind, I've wondered whether a decent addition to the game would be to have a sort of "Goalkeeper starting position" box within your tactics. There can be one for when you are in possession, so you choose where your keeper starts when your team has the ball in the opponents half, and then one for out of possession. It would be good to be able to have your keeper sit on the 18 yard box or even 23-25 yards out when your team is in the opponents half of the pitch, thus creating a viable option of a rushing out keeper that deals with any counter attacking balls over the top. A simple box showing the defensive half, and then you click the exact position you want the keeper starting could be the mechanic of it. 


I have no experience or idea when it comes to making a game or a match engine, therefore I have no idea if this is even possible to be honest. But, I do think it's an idea that was worthy of being put across after watching keepers such as Neuer and more recently Alisson, and could help with the goals that are conceded (quite often) from balls over the top, especially where centre halves completely misjudge the header.

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