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Wembley Stadium / Cup finals

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I have just got to my first cup final at Wembley with Sunderland (Checkatrade Trophy). 


I know the stadiums aren't modeled on their real-life counterparts, but I feel Wembley could at least have red seats. The tiers are also tiny, it looks no bigger than the Stadium of Light.


Another thing is the attendance. I played Portsmouth in the final (a re-run of the real life final from last season) and the attendance in-game was 19,000 compared to the real life figure of 85,000.


I won the match, it just feels underwhelming to play at an empty stadium that could have been at MK Don's for all I knew.

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Funny, I won that same fixture in Season 1 with Sunderland, and I thought Wembley looked good.

Didn't notice low attendance either?  Edit: Just checked 90,000 in attendance, of which 74,372 were SAFC!


Edit: This is now the Leasing.com trophy, yes?

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