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AI teams are tired

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I just finished a season in Wales and noticed something odd. The league schedule has just one game a week and no mid-week matches. That’s not enough playing time to fatigue anyone, but my opponents often have some players who are exhausted by halftime. It definitely makes it easier to beat the AI teams (we coasted to victory in the Cymru South).

The only explanation I could think of is the AI teams are using their starting players in mid-week reserve squad matches. That would be a dumb thing to do, but it’s the only way they wouldn’t be fully rested for our match. 

Has anyone else noticed that their opponents are oddly tired? Or was it something weird about my save? 

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I notice this but not domestically for me it’s always in the continental competitions. Always been like this in previous FMs too. I COULD just be down to injuries, lack of cover or the ride of counter pressing (which you need the right players for - not least high fatigue). Or could just be a bug/bad programming??

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