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Scripted BS

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This game is a heap of scripted BS. I've just played the same game 5 times and failed to win every single one of them despite TOTAL domination. This is 2nd vs 19th...I can understand this possibly happening by chance...but not 5 TIMES IN A ROW. I'm a 1-3 favourite to WIN the match, that's 75% chance of winning. Or to put it another way, 25% chance of not winning. So failing to win 5 times in a row has a probability of 0.098% i.e. The game is scripted so that I am literally unable to win this fixture.

Look at the screenshots, the AI has scored more goals than it's had scoring chances, and I've hit the woodwork more times than I've scored.  Leading 2-0 with a penalty to make it 3-0- no instead the penalty is missed (which is more common than  scoring them in this  piece of  "game") and Norwich go up the other end and score not once, but twice in 4 minutes, then a 90th minute winner after we hit the  woodwork for the millionth time!!! 6 clear cut chances to 1 - I'VE NEVER SEEN SUCH A ONE-SIDED GAME AND WE STILL COULDN'T  WIN - A CHAMPIONS LEAGUE TEAM AGAINST A NEWLY PROMOTED TEAM.


2020-05-29 (2).png

2020-05-29 (4).png

2020-05-29 (10).png


2020-05-30 (4).png

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@sten_88 It is appreciated that you are frustrated but a post like that, which is full of unacceptable language is out of order on these forums.  If you want to continue to use the forums and maybe get some help with your issue, then please read the forum rules and ensure that you abide by them if and when you post again.

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