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(SUGGESTION) Past Winners Revamp


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I feel that within FM, the way some things are presented could be changed. It was a really neat feature to see your team name added to a simulated trophy when you get a news article in your inbox after winning a trophy. However I feel that this could definitely be improved upon. When you receive an email after winning a trophy, it lists who you beat, score line, etc.. It also mentions how many times (if at all) you've won the trophy and the last time you did, however I would like to see a list of where this puts you in the all time stats of the competition.

So say that you are Liverpool and win the league, you can have your normal blurbs above but then below I would like to see something like this:



Manchester United - 20 (2012/2013)

Liverpool - 19 (2019/2020)

Arsenal - 13 (2003/2004)



List out all the winners from the past, including the last time that they won it. Highlight in some fashion the team that won; doesn't even need to be your team - just the competitions that you are in. I think that while FM is great for data, the way it is presented could be better. This is one avenue out of several I feel can be improved upon.


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