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Hi, I received this gem of a striker in my first youth intake with Arsenal. Last year he managed to score 15 goals in 33 league apearances. I am not going to mention the tactic because I am not interested in playing with it anymore.

I have more than 270M to spend a 36M/year left of my wage budget and have enough reputation to lure almost anyone. Additionally I have this players at my disposal:





How would you turn Beechey into a goal machine? Bear in mind I am still playing FM19 so no IW in the AM strata for me.

Thanks in advance.


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What a gem- looks like a classic "strong" poacher imo, with decent dribbling. Obviously depending on the tactic you go for he could play any of AF, P, PFa, CFa, so whatever suits the system.

Depends on how he develops of coourse but in my mind his speed isn't quite as high as I'd like for an off the shoulder AF and his link up play (e.g. passing, teamwork, vision) not quite high enough to be a DLF/CFs. Strong and good in the air so could win enough knockdowns to play with on rushing teammates (midfielders, wide forwards, a strike partner). And of course probably best role is as a Poacher or player with the PIs to play like a poacher. Haaland type? Off the ball, strong, fast (enough), finishing and composure etc. 

Tbh he'll fit in pretty much any non support role so just mold him how you want and you'll be golden I'm sure .

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Very usable.

Would probably Train him with the CF-A Role and add quickness training . He only 18 should round out his attributes. If you have a Striker in his prime with a different set of skills. this guy would make a great super-sub or change of pace player.

Like others have said PF-A is a good role for him

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PF(a) seems to be the most popular answer which I simply don't get. You're Arsenal and this guy has 11 for concentration, 12 for teamwork, 10 for bravery and 5 for tackling. In no way would I use him as a PF(a). Frankly, I want all my goalscorers to have very good concentration, otherwise they will miss a bunch a chances. I think he's strictly a TM at this point. Could become a CF if you work on his passing and technique.

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