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Player Role and Duty Mentality


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I feel that Given the Roles and Duties already having Different mentalities to make them work differently. This makes the Changes of Mentalities when the Global Team mentality redundant 

A Role and Duty should have single mentality across all the mentalities to make it play the same way and how much of risk that player should take dictated by Global Mentality. 


This is an example of current situation. As you can see Having Different mentalities in different Global mentalities is going to make the play so passive. A Defensive BPD should look to play the ball forward but what happens now is Defensive Mentality on Global Mentality and Very Defensive player mentality means Player allways choose to play the safest possible pass which is highly likely the back pass than a forward pass. 

With a Single Mentality across all Global mentalities a BPD with say Positive mentality given he looks to play riskier passes compared to other Roles will look to play the ball forward than backward. How much forward will be dictated by the Global Team mentality and this will reduce the Amount of passive play. 

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