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Flexible Contract Start Dates

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On my current save I currently wanted to renew a bunch of contracts for staff and players. Some of the contracts were still running for more than a year and I never had the option to change the start date of the contract. 

Two examples:

  • A player with a contract running until June 2022 is supposed to get a new contract. I'm currently in May 2021. The only (2?) options that I had was giving him the contract from NOW or from start of next season (both with the date of today, so no real options. looks like a bug to me). I would want to give him a contract that starts AFTER his current contract.
  • I have a staff member (HOYD) with a contract running out in 1 month. So, I found a better replacement for him, but in contract negotiations I can only offer him a contract from now on. Why can't he start, when the other guys contract is over? I don't want to fire the other guy in the last month of his contract, just because I can't sign a new guy later...

Am I doing something wrong here?

Kind Regards


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THIS, absolutely! If this isn't a feature in the game already (and I have looked endlessly to find it), it really should be. Especially for staff. Why can you not say "OK we'll hire you, but only when the current HOYD's contract (or whatever you're hiring) has expired" or just put in a specific future start date.

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