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Add more life and immersion


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OOTP Baseball is one of the best simulations ever because it feels like the players, the baseball world is alive.  All the news articles that come in make you feel like these computer people actually have lives away from the team.

FM is so close to OOTP, it's so addicting, but to me, it still lacks "life".  It still is too linear.  It feels like everything off the pitch is scripted and not too different.

I added my son into the game, I add his relation to me as father and my manager I make him relation son.  Yet every interaction with him or from the media about him mentions nothing about that relationship.  No mention of my son or him favoring me any more than anyone else.  It's the same scripted interactions as with everyone.  There should be some different interaction choices or differences when you are dealing with relationships such as family or close friends.

Off pitch events.  Have the players get into trouble or do things that cause them to increase their standing with fans.  I would like to know if some player is getting a reputation of being bad or a jerk, so my media interactions could change.  Why is there a media interaction that has me say something about his attitude if I don't know anything about the players attitude?

More interaction choices.  Let me talk to coaches, let me talk more to players.  Give me more choices to screw up conversations or make good conversation choices.

Captain or high influential players giving team meetings or talking to players at half time.  The captain or high leader skilled players should want to rally the troops.  Instead of me always doing a shout, the captain or someone like that should take it on himself to shout at the team and get them motivated.  That would be a added reason to try and add high leader players to your team.

Also, interaction with the board needs to be something a little less linear too.  I spent 12 years with Chelsea and when I wanted to move on, the board came out with something along the lines of they were disappointed that I didn't show more loyalty.  There needs to be some sort of celebration when you spend a long, successful career with a team.  Also, I was then turned down by two MLS teams.  Not realistic at all and feels very lifeless.

More celebrations, more players interacting with each other, jumping on each other, high fives, pushing, pointing at each other.  Goalies laying on the ground longer after they jump or dive, managers yelling at one another every so often.  Just add little, immersive things like this.

Please don't work on the ME so much, but add life and immersive things that will make us go "wow, that's cool".

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