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Can't sell player

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I've got a 32 yo CM who is past his best and isn't getting any games.  It's December and his contract runs out the following June and I want to get rid as he's on £58k per week.  One team is willing to pay £500k for him which is great, but it keeps saying "TSG Hoffenheim have rejected this transfer bid on behalf of the management due to the offer compelling the club to continue to contribute to the player's wage".  This is true, they want me to keep paying £16k per week which I am happy to do.  I am down as having full control over all sales and negotiations for first team squad transfers out, so I really don't know why I can't sell this guy? 

Anyone else had similar?

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You may be happy with the fee and the wage contribution but your bosses who actually run the club are not so they have over ruled you, Doesn't matter what settings you change they can do this 

It does happen, You need to hope someone makes a better bid or he will leave on a free 

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