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Club just sold my Youth Facilities

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I’m playing as Sheffield Wednesday and nearing the end of my 1st season. I got an email with 8 games to go to say the club was massively in debt and administration was a very real possibility. 

4 games later I got a further email to say in light of the dire financial situation, the club had elected to sell our Youth Facilities to raise funds and we’d be renting an alternative for the foreseeable future. 

I don’t have a screenshot to hand at the moment but can get one, not something I’ve seen before. 

Has it happened to anyone else?

Also, I assume that my Youth Facilities have now been reduced to the lowest level possible? What are my options should I get promoted and get some money in? Will I just get the same level of facility back or will I get something better/worse?


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I've had it happen for both facilities. The rented facilities should be considered as having no facilities at all though I could be wrong and it might go differently in different occasion. You can check this in your club's background description.

Your options depends on how bad the financial situation is. You might be able to turn things around by selling few players or it might need a promotion if not more.

If the club looks like it's going to stay in debt for too long sometimes it's better to just make it worse so administration can swoop in quick and stabilize your finance in a matter of months because they can actually reduce the club's debt and/or restructure the loans so you'll pay less per month. Of course there's also the points deduction and the risk of losing important players but if you can manage to stay in the positive after they do their financial mumbo jumbo it can be over in less than 6 months.

Not sure about the last question though.

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Fortunately I’ve managed to secure promotion to the Prem, so hopefully once the TV money comes in I’ll be able to update as to when/if I get some Facilities again. 

After having a quick gander for clarification using an in game editor, the club’s Youth Facilities have indeed dropped to a zero. 

I’m hoping the prospect of promotion and the extra guaranteed income will keep the administrators at bay during the summer months, fingers crossed anyway!

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