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Director of Football transfer suggestions

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I have come across this today, and I'll be honest, as having never employed (well actually in one save I did) a DoF I never thought to check out the transfer suggestions button.

Today I did and what happened, for me, at least, is utterly unrealistic.


Firstly, my Chairman stepped in and made the suggestions. I mean what is the point of having a specific DoF button if this section of the game can be carried out by anyone? Personally, I think the member of staff stepping up to make those suggestions should be your Chief Scout in the absence of a DoF.  I mean, for starters, I don't think a Chairman would necessarily make those kind of suggestions (Abramovich excluded).  Secondly, if your Chairman is making those suggestions what factors are influencing the suggestions?  Unless I'm missing something obvious Chairmen do not have JPA or JPP attributes.

Secondly, if we get past the fact that the Chairman is making suggestions for me of potential transfers, the said suggestions are completely unrealistic.  I have a transfer budget of £100k and approx. £2k spare in the wages budget.  But the lowest value suggestion is valued at £600k (is not transfer listed or suject to a minimum fee release clause nor is his contract anywhere near close enough for me to consider a Bosman ruling signing).  Further, his current wages are £3k so even if I could get for free I wouldn't be able to afford his wages.

This seems wrong and pointless to me.  For this feature to work properly 2 things need to change:

Firstly, in the absence of a DoF, the Chief Scout should be making recommendations.  Otherwise you are wasting the talent that you signed for the purpose of finding and purchasing players;

Secondly, any suggestions made should be made with your current budgets in mind.  What is the point of suggesting a player who is way out of your budget ranges?  By itself, this second part just renders the option useless.  It takes what could be a very valuable tool and just pays lip service to it.

Please guys.  This tool could be a very valuable thing for managers, especially those who do not have large scouting pools or those in lower league management who can't get 20/20 scouts.  Currently, this option is a waste of time and as far from realistic as you could possibly get in a game that is loved for its realism

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