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Nice Counterattack tactic 4-1-3-2 7// realistic

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Wanted to make a tactic that can be used with fast strikers and as well as great midfielders with good vision as well as having to strikers.

this is somewhat very similar to Jose M tactic in Porto. Against weaker sides you will own the field and against good ball playing teams you kill them on counter attack.

the idea is to make my strikers stay up when we don't have the ball to make a 2vs2 ore 2vs3 situation. But then I have to have plenty of central midfielders so they can move and pressure the oppositions fullback to prevent crosses. But at same don't allow the opponent to go in central.
What I loved with Jose in Inter and Porto was, against good ball playing teams, he lured you up, he forced the fullback go inside so he couldn't give the ball to the winger and overlap him, so the full back start locking in to the half space, and that second is when his sides win the ball and attack behind the full back that have lost the ball.

Take a look at it, any suggestions?
It have worked really well so far! won 5-1 against city with 10 players lol

This is the formation and tactic


DLP comes deep the get the ball
CMA. Gets forward
So I have changed pogba to CMA and he have scored 6 goals, and he helps out up front since the strikers move wide. Maddison was perfect on DLP

Matches - I have played some 5 more matches and you win a lot.


Assist location last matches. As you can see from central of the field. And you dont concede goals.



scene of how you get 2vs2. Greenwod got the ball, defenders shifted to him, then he passes to Kluivert that is alone on goal.


10 - man against City - match stat



Playerstat - This is stats of the players. You can see how the strikers score, and Pogba will score a lot if used as CMA

PO wingback (left and right)



PI AF (left striker)


PI PF (right striker)



And this is OI




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