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there's something that is not that clear to me, and it already happened on a few players. First of all I'm managing Benevento in Serie B.

My coach tells me that my player "needs to earn more match experience playing at a higher level in order to further his develpment."  What does this exactly mean?

He's my first team keeper and played 36 matches out of 36 this season. Does it mean that he has to play in a higher level league in order to max out his potential?



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It sounds like he’s saying he could get better or peak sooner if he plays in a better league than Serie B. (dropping some absolute wisdom bombs there) I’m not sure myself, he’s a 26 year old GK so he hasn’t even peaked and can still improve slightly. Don’t worry too much, if you play the game fairly well you should be in top flight within a few seasons. 

Edit: Not every opinion of every staff member is gospel, so he could well be wrong too, just like people IRL. But anyway, make sure he gets enough training, with good coaches/facilities and if he is your number 1 goalie he will be just fine. 

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