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A Complicated Case

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A player group started a riot against me with no reason. They are always ignore me and their morale is very low in matches and this is my first season. Why this happens to me? (I made player management 10 at start)
I sold a team leader at the beginning of the season btw. 

My tactic worked before so i know my tactic is good but almost all players angry at match so they are not focused to tactic and match. 

What should i do? I cannot sell all the team. I need to maange this but players are not speaking with me.


(And pls recommend me good and cheap players to replace them)

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For me, this is a bug which needs resolving.

I have had a few ridiculous issues with players behaving irrationally.

Recently, I've had a player telling me I wasn't playing him regularly. This player played the most games out of anyone else in my squad. I told him I would start him in the next game and he then said I have a history of breaking promises and he doesn't trust me. I've never had a problem with him before and haven't broken any promises, so this is bizarre.

Another player said he wanted me to improve the coaching team. I brought a few extra coaches in, but he still wasn't satisfied and asked to be transfer listed 6 months after I signed him. I then asked him if he could recommend a coach for me to bring in and he said he couldn't think of anyone, so another ridiculous scenario.

It's fair enough falling out with players for a valid reason, but those two above issues have happened to me recently and there is no explanation for it. The players refusing to talk to the OP is ridiculous, the behaviour of players doesn't make sense on occasions.

The issue that annoys me the most is when a player requests a new contract, you offer a new contract giving a significant pay rise and the agent interferes rejecting the contract. The player then accuses you of breaking your promise of not offering a new contract, when you obviously have, but the agent interferes to cut off further negotiations so the contract offer is rejected. If contract offers keep getting rejected, the player then accuses you of continually breaking promises of not offering a contract when you have tried on several occasions. In the real world, the player would recognise the fact you have attempted to offer a new contract with a big pay rise but he's choosing to negotiate further, not falsely accuse you of not making any effort to offer any new contract at all.

In my opinion, the above issues plus the OP's post are bugs which need resolving.

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