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who will succeed in making me understand?

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Hello, I am a French football lover, I am desperately trying to understand this football manager game.

I play but don't really understand, once the tactics etc done correctly is the goal of winning every game, or just letting the game do it right?


I take an example I just started a season all my friendly matches I win, 1 match I even win 15-0 arriving in the league i play i try to watch every minute of the match to see the details what is wrong but

i find myself lost in not knowing where the problem is the modifications to make.

I took a club which aims to maintain in the league and I take myself at the moment 4-0 but I do not know if there is nothing to do because the team is stronger or so if by doing the good choice can i beat any team in the championship? 

I go crazy I start every time I try to analyze everything I can in the details do my best to read everywhere on the internet but so much contradictory tutorial I am lost in the end and I no longer know what my job is really if it's just doing a tactic and letting the game do it or really trying to get a result when I lose the game.



thank you for those who will manage to clear me up, and sorry if my english is not great i am french.

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You should stop stressing so much, it's just a game :) . A few questions you should ask yourself as a very beginner: what is the quality of your team compared to the rest of the league? are you playing the way you want to? Who scores the goals? Is he scoring the goals/if yes, good/if not, what's missing? What type of goals do you concede?

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Just play the game like its a real game of football.


Watch the match and see what patterns are emerging within the game. Is one player dominating me? am i conceding a certain kind of goal? am i being dominated in a certain area of the pitch? am i causing the opposition problems in a certain area and can i exploit a weakness in their team maybe?


I think the more you come online, to be honest the more youll get confused. There will be differing opinions, differing definitions of what a role does, and it might not work the same for you because of the traits of your players.


You wont win every game. There will be some games where youll change your tactics and nothing will happen. Happens in real life. No one just wins every single game over and over and over (Man City and Liverpool got close, but an average team? no chance).


If youve got good staff, you might want to delegate training onto them. rather than designing complex regimes that wont do anything for you or even make the players worse.


Above all else, chill out and play :)

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i subscribe what FMUnderachiever says. Forget what you read here and try to analyse the matches from your own perspective. it can be based on football or it can be treating it purely as a game itself.

Information online can be very contradicting. Take mentality for instance, it increases risk the higher you go, along other things, but is it bad or does it actually work better with poor players? those things you will have to observe yourself.

One thing i advise is to always keep attributes in mind. That is the core of all FM and CM games.


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On 18/05/2020 at 22:09, christian57 said:

I play but don't really understand, once the tactics etc done correctly is the goal of winning every game, or just letting the game do it right?

It is the dream, but do not expect it. Just like football in real life, you are going to be disappointed often. It all depends on who you play as. If it is PSG then yeah you probably want to win every game. If it is Amiens then you are probably happy if you stay in the league. And everywhere in between.

As a beginner, here is what I did. Because I also tried to follow the tutorials, but it is really hard to do that straight up. It takes time to build the intuition and right thought process. 

So pick a style of football you want to emulate. It can be anything you want really, whatever you like the most. Then try to play that way in the game. Your first attempts will likely fail to do what you want, but that is fine because you can learn from it. The most important thing you are doing is building up the way to think about tactics and football (as they relate to FM anyway). 

Alternatively, you can try to follow what someone else has done tactically that you enjoyed on a thread and see if you can do the same. See if you can understand why a tactic works from watching the football, knowing what you expect to see. I used to do this too. In fact my tactical style now is a mishmash of different things I picked up from various threads over the last 10 years. 

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The tactics Module is really helpful in creating tactics. Choose a style of play and a Formation and your good to go. Depending on the team and their attributes and how how they fit will determine if you win a match depending on the opponent.

The Assman usually suggests 3 styles of play that he thinks suits the players in your new team. Pick one watch the game like the above posters said then make changes if you don't win.  If you keep losing try another style or another team.

IRL Managers usually have short careers with any one team. Even all the Top managers now in the Premier League managed somewhere else and probably sacked at some time for not winning. Also remember it is only a game. 

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i think i love the game so much i want to play it like it was an irl match

when I read you I really look crazy 

Thank you for your answers   watch a full match? not too long ? someone doing this?

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I am not sure about your own starting point in understanding football tactics. To be very honest, this game is very easy but most people fail not at creating tactics but at understanding how to choose the right player for the right job. So my advice is to keep things simple:

1. Ask yourself if you want to play defensive or attacking football. Being defensive or attacking does not depend on mentality. That is simply risk.  If you are defensive, then your side takes less chances, less risks with everything in the game. If you are more attacking your side takes more chances. So what is a good mentality? Just start on balanced if you are not sure. Players in your side will treat defending and attacking equally important.

2. When it comes to deciding how defensive or attacking you are going to be - look at your out of possession instructions. These define how attacking and defensive you will be. Line of engagement sets where your team begins pressing the opponent. Defensive systems will have standard to lower lines of engagement and more attacking systems could opt to have standard to higher. Notice standard is right in the middle? Thats like a balanced set up. Defensive line influences how far your backline is from goal. So when you are using a higher defensive line your backline will be further away from goal supporting the movement of the ball up the pitch. The higher you are, the further away from goal you will be when you lose the ball. 

These are perhaps the 2 biggest things people need to understand about the game. These are the only two things you need to understand first when you choose a system.

3. Next, use presets. These are fine for the majority of people who aren't sure about the tactical creator and serves as a great way to learning the game.

4. Finally, think about the club you are using. If you new to the game, try using a better club. Don't pick a lower league club, because then you won't be able to tell if its your tactics, or player selection.

Do not download tactics, if you do, then do it only to understand and experience how the tactic is meant too look like in action. Choose a creator who actually takes the time to explain how the tactic is meant to play and why specific players are being used.

Finally if you are still having issues, look for me on twitch.tv/bustthenet Bring your tactic and tell me who you are, I review tactics of the community and offer suggestions. And sometimes I play with your tactics to show you what they look like in transitions. 

People are going to say, even bad tactics work with good sides. Actually, that isn't always true. If a tactic fails to do well with a good side, then something is definitely wrong with the tactic. Every season I have a competition for the community where I assign teams with tactics created by the community. Someone came in and said his tactics weren't good, we took it gave it to PSG and it won the champions league and beat me in the knock out rounds. 

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