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Scouting attribute criteria

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One thing I spend way too much time doing is sifting through scouting reports every day.  For me, it slows the game down too much.  It would be nice if you could automate your scouts to stop scouting and place him on the Discard list if particular attributes fall below a threshold level without me having to view the report, say for example, immediately stop scouting a central defender once a scout determines any of the following attributes, such as "Positioning" and "Decisions", falls below 14 and, "Anticipation", drops below 13.

This way, I can tell scouts to scout all players "Until Full Knowledge", rather than weekly or bi-weekly, and only have to look at the reports that meet this criteria.  It would also be helpful to do this by age as I would be more willing to accept lower values if the player is younger and can be developed.

Perhaps, this feature could be tied to the Chief Scout, as if he's organizing his workforce, or not.  I scout with my coaches as well, so they would need this ability, too.

In my save, I'm guessing I've looked at least 3,000 scouting reports.  (I get about 10 reports a day in my inbox, so that number would attribute to just a year's worth.)  If I spent an average of one minute looking at each one, that's 50 hours and you're likely to look at each report more than once over the lifetime of scouting a single player.  If I could minimize the number of reports viewed to 10 or 20% of that total, that would be huge.

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