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Need a very defensive Tactic

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Can anybody recommend a tactic? I've been promoted for 4 consecutive seasons, and now in Vanarama National League North - and no money, so not been able to improve my squad. I'm completely out of my depth, and need a tactic to try and hang on in the division - probably something very defensive, and hope to counter and snatch a win!?


Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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I don't think that a very defensive tactic would be a good idea for you in the situation you described. Because if your team is so poor, being too defensive means your players will constantly be under more pressure than they actually can handle.

Instead, I would rather recommend a tactic that is defensively solid but not defensive in terms of playing style. And above all - simple.

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39 minutes ago, marcMCFC1986 said:

Okay fair enough - Can you recommend a tactic?

Well, I don't know your players, so it's hard to say how exactly the tactic should be designed. But keeping it simple in terms of instructions and balanced in terms of roles and duties is something I would always recommend.

Do you at least have an idea about the formation? Basically, I would avoid tricky top-heavy systems like 4231 or 424 and instead go with something more balanced (e.g. 4123 wide or 442/4411). 

Btw, are you actually looking for a normal tactic or a plug'n'play?

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