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Can I use this guy in a 442?

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I'm managing Burnley and staying strictly to 442. My scouts stumbled upon this guy 2-3 seasons ago, Predicted to be the next Gianni Rivera (whoever that is), and a model citizen. All good stuff, but he is a CM with low marking, tackling, positioning and bravery. what should I do with this guy, can he become a wide player? He dictates tempo and plays one-twos. Deep-lying forward maybe?

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2 minutos atrás, Experienced Defender disse:

I definitely would not play him in a 442 in central midfield. But I would consider him as a striker. 

yeah, either that or a wide role with him getting into finishing situations

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13 minutes ago, mattylamb said:

Maybe he's be okay in central midfield played alongside a really physical central midfielder who would do all the physical work, and allow this player to orchestrate things?


If he plays maybe APs and the player next to him is CMd or BWM?


otherways he can probably be a decent wide playmaker?

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