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A few suggestions about training


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I have 4 questions/problems/suggestions.
Maybe i should move #4 to another part of the forums but I thought I included it here as it relates to training also.

I'm currently managing a semi-pro team with all part-time contracts.
The problem i'm encountering is that when i have 2 games in week, if the games are played on certain days, there are no training sessions at all.
Especially noticeable sometimes during preseason.
If this happens 2-3 weeks in a row it means that the players that don't start will not practise at all during those weeks even thought they are at 100% condition.
I could move them to the u23 for those weeks but I don't want to move players back and forth all the time.

I think you should have a certain amount of "time/sessions", based on amateur/part-time/professional, to allocate how i want during the week.

This is in correlation with #3.
I want to have a default focus or intensity just like now, that will not show up in #3.
Then I want to be able to select temporary focus or intensity, e.g. one month like rest works now, and then have the player switch back to the default after that time.
I know you can do this manually and that's what i'm doing right now by using reminders in the calendar.
The thing is, it's really easy to miss doing that and forgetting to change it back.

If I, in the morning, choose to rest a player for a day, will he rest on this day or do I need to have already clicked rest before this day?
Maybe there is a way to see this that i'm not aware of.

On the training screen I want to, in some way, clearly see who is on "special/not default training" for each day/session.
What I mean with that is a list of players who deviates from the default focus/intensity.

I was playing a cup final two weeks after the league ended.
My opponent played their last game on the same day as my team.
I played one/or two, can't remember exactly, friendlies againt my u23 and my players ended up with 75-85% sharpness on matchday iirc.
My opponent played no friendlies and his entire starting 11 was at 100% sharpness.
How was that possible and if so, how do you achieve that?

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