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MLS Can't buy down with GAM

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I am staying fairly calm but really kind of enraged inside. I can't register my team to play the season because I am over budget by 500,000 or so and I have close to 3 million "available now" in GAM but it will not allow me to buy down players salaries.

I'm on the cusp of the season but can't move forward. I can't move the turquoise dot and activate the confirm button.


Any help would be appreciated.

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We've reported this issue over in the bugs forum and haven't really gotten any good feedback on it. One user suggested moving the player to B-team prior to registration day, and then after the initial registration is finalized, try registering your player while they are on the B-team (use the filter so you can see your B team players), and then move them over after you submit and forwarded. This should allow you to shift the player from B team to normal team and not have it impact your cap and put you over the limit.

I also noticed that once the second transfer window opens, it will let me buy down player cap impact for some reason at that time. So if the method above doesn't work, you might have some luck around July in bringing the player back up from the B team and adjust their salary cap impact then.

Kinda wild that you have to jump through hoops to execute on a mechanic that literally defines how squad building works in the league, but that's MLS in FM for ya :rolleyes:

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