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Change add/remove column content in squad list view


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Hello, there is a way to remove some contents from the list of available columns for the squad list view? (see attach)

for example, if I want to remove the Hidden or the Contract menu or simply if I want to add some missing column, what is the file containing this properties? Thanks



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11 hours ago, ethan76 said:

thanks, but in team squad I have the list of available views, but I didnt find where is the context menu do add and remove columns.

just remove them. from memory i think it goes


<record id=“xxxx>



remove the whole thing 

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but I don't want to remove the view, I want to remove the fields that appears in the context menu when I try to add/remove column at the view.

I find the file "view panel dialog.xml" and "advanced view panel dialog.xml" that contains dialog that modify the view but the list of the fields is not accessible.

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