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We built a Zoo [FM19]


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Me and the wife have had a baby, and weirdly he's come out and can already say 1 word. Zoo!

This is a sign, I must build a zoo for my boy, however due to a weird change in the law (I blame BREXIT) the only way to take ownership of a breeding pair of animals is to accept it as a gift.


Well it's quite difficult to get people to give you animals for free, but another quirky law from BREXIT is that football clubs must give you a gift in the form of an animal representing your club if you win a trophy. It's a weird world but I think I can make this work.

So the brief from the wife is simple, build a Zoo and populate it with animals we win from football. Sounds simple enough, I have built a spreadsheet to document my idea and work from.

I have never worked in football so start this journey with no experience but a head full of ideas. I don't really mind the state of the clubs on arrival or departure. I just want the animals to make the boy happy.


Current rules for this save then are;

Based in England, don't want to move the family too much

To get a breeding pair I must win a league or cup competition

Start with no badges or experience

Once have an animal it's time to resign and move on

The clubs I have found wiki a quick Wikipedia and database trawl are below



Any further suggestions are welcome, will add some more as I find them and if the challenge goes well may move further afield.


So looking through available jobs we find the following;

  • Worksop Town, Sporting Bengal, London Tigers - Tigers
  • Burscough - Linnets
  • Bridport, Harborough - Bees
  • Eccleshill - Eagles
  • Colney Heath, Loxwood - Magpies
  • Padiham - Storks
  • Sawbridgeworth, Ilkeston - Robins
  • Newcastle Benfield - Lions
  • AFC Croydon - Rams
  • Barton Town - Swans
  • AFC Mansfield - Bulls
  • Tamworth - Lambs

Second job is to filter the list down to animals with only one team, animals with two or more will be easier to get later and can apply later but for now will focus on unique opportunities. So now we are left with 

  • Padiham - Storks - Tier 9
  • AFC Mansfield - Bulls - Tier 8
  • Tamworth - Lambs - Tier 7

Applications have gone in for all jobs.

First bit of news







All 3 of my applications warranted interviews, CV is clearly quite strong.


As the first team to respond they get their man, sort of glad to be starting from the bottom, and the club want promotion so could be a short stint if we manage a trophy this year.


Just past the dog poo bin on the right hand side, Padiham football club.


The man with the plan


We are in 3 competitions, the league, the FA cup and FA Vase. I don't see us winning a cup so league is the best best for a first attraction for the zoo. 

The Zoo

I’ve instructed the missus to find a suitable plot of land for the zoo, hopefully update incoming. 

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