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Youth Academies - Lets replicate the real world

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I was just listening to the Tifo Podcast on Wolves and was reminded of this. 

It’s always bothered me that the Youth facilities structure appears the same regardless club and the upgrade option is such a generic feature.

I realise we can influence some aspects with staff, HOYD for instance. However, surely we should be able to set up academies to reflect areas we consider important.

For example, Feyenoord where they put a strong onus on producing mentally resilient youngsters and where a particular focus is placed on the importance of teamwork from a young age.

Elsewhere, the focus may be on physicality, technique, Intelligence etc.

We really should have more options to control and direct these specifics. Give us the tools to create academies and facilities to produce specific kinds of players.

Plenty of clubs operate academies as a way to add value to players and generate revenue so at the very least we should be presented with separate financial breakdowns to measure success in this regard. Control of Academy budgets and how that money is allocated.



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@janrzmIn the past, in France we love to train physical players, that's why Antoine Griezmann was refused by the Olympique Lyonnais, fortunately we have changed our mentality. 

At FC Barcelona they train a lot to make passes,  in many Italian club they  trains player a lot to defend, we can also take the example of Ajax Amsterdam and its team work

it could be interesting to be able to give a direction to the formation of young player which would correspond to the philosophy of the club


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