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Football Manager Moments


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Just sat here watching the Euro 1996 rewind and came up with an idea. 


I remember the game once had a challenge mode (which is still on the mobile version, maybe?. This would be somewhat similar but specifically for International tournaments.


So, the idea is actually that oyu can go back in time and manage teams from a variety of International tournaments to see if you can go one better than they did in real life? You can choose to manage any of the teams who qualified for the actual tournament and are restricted with the squad they took to the tournament too but would be quite cool given the narratives and crazy events that have occurred in International football.


World Cup 1986 - Can you lead England to glory?

World Cup 1990... can you lead England to glory? :'(

World Cup 1994 - Colombia but with no threat of being shot for the players.

Euro 96... yep England again.

World Cup 1998 - Can you win it with Brazil but it's coded that Ronaldo gets a virus a couple of days before the final (if you get that far)

World Cup 2010 - Will you win it with Ghana? They were close to the semi finals and would have fancied their chances to beat the Netherlands.


Of course, you can set a completely different story. Maybe you don't fall out with Roy Keane in 2002 and see where you can get with Ireland. After all, Football Manager is the ultimate 'sandbox' game.

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