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Realistic Schedule?

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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to ask you if you have the same issue as me. 

I am currently playing my first season 2019/2020 with Liverpool in England and am now in April 2020. 

Since March the schedule in the Premier League has been so full that I hardly have a break between games. 

That happens to me too: 

I had on 28.03. a Premierleague game against Chelsea at home. 

On April 1st I have to play the EF Cup Final against Chelsea in Wembley! Just 1 day off between? The month of March has only 29 days!

My next match is on 03.03. in Middelsborough! So I have to play 3 games in 5 days? WTF!

Does this Szenario really exist in England at the moment? I mean the the teams have to travel, check in check out Hotel, little rest, training, team meeting ect!?

There should have been two days off between the games or!?

What is your experience mates?





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Looks as if you are victim of your own success.

The FL Cup final, the FA Cup vs Middlesborough are 'extra' fixtures on top of the Premier League matches. So you are still in all three domestic competitions, plus, probably the Champions League so there will be huge fixture congestion for you at this stage of the season.

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In real life earlier this season Liverpool had to play a League Cup match and a FIFA Club championship match (in Qatar, I believe) on back to back days - Klopp used a young squad for the first match and sent his first team overseas to play in the FIFA tournament.  So, yes it does happen in real life.

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Only month with 29 days is February in leap years, so you've misunderstood something.

Asides from that, the schedule you are describing is completely normal in the FM world. The situation doesn't happen IRL because teams don't go to every final of every competition.

FM has become pretty good at handling it for the top leagues, the worst you'll get is a week or two of games Tues/Thurs/Sunday. Other leagues though, weird things still happen. 

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4 hours ago, Kakidaniel said:

In the swedish league, Allsvenskan, you'll have a match calendar with one or maximum two days between the games for several weeks if you qualify to Europe.

In FM, the further away you are from England, the worse the schedules and rules get. Because it's common place to have horrible conflicts in England doesn't mean it's common place in other countries. I recall back in FM15, Slovenia always had their matches on Saturdays no matter what, putting Europa League teams at a huge disadvantage, even though there was no reason you couldn't re-arrange to Sundays. In real life, Romanian TV matches never happen at the same time: if you wanted, you could watch every Romanian league match in a row on TV. In FM? Of course (some) TV matches happen at the same time. In the Netherlands' Eerste Divisie (second division), there's in the database a rule that forces matches on the closest Friday to 26th on August... and the next Monday, closest to 28th of August. Because reasons. Even though you could easily have the first match on the 25th, or put the second match on a Wednesday since there's no conflict with the KNVB Becker (main national cup).

Just FM things really. Because it can happen IRL doesn't mean it has a good reason to happen in FM. Generally it's mostly because the rules aren't perfectly accurate in the database. To my knowledge, SI doesn't do all the schedules for every league. So depending what tools a researcher has at their disposal or how good a researcher is at banging their head against the pre-game Editor (which isn't exactly the most intuitive piece of software ever), you can have conflicts that shouldn't happen.

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Thats why Kloppo was so excited last time if he was speaking in TV about that full schedule on his team! :D

Ok cool, I realy thought it is a bug or something.

So it is totally overloaded because of success!

Thank you guys!

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