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How would you play my front 6 ?

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Hi, I'm currently in a sort of league with bids, I didn't manage to get a BWM, but here is my too offensive front 6


Milinkovic-Savic, Ziyech, Bernardo Silva, Fekir, Mahrez, Abraham


How would you play them ? I can't think of a solution

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  • JeanValjean changed the title to How would you play my front 6 ?

My best advice would be to look at each player's PPM and see how they can co-exist (it helps drawing a few diagrams with arrows). Eg. a winger (the role) will naturally cut inside if he plays on the opposite side of his preferred foot, more so with PPMs such as get into opposition area or cut inside, obviously an IF/IW will do this to a greater extend.

Those players you mentioned are technically very good with great off the ball, so you can either go patient or quick one-two football.
SMS can play anywhere in midfield since he's probably one of most complete players on FM and Silva can play in the middle or wing. Their work-rate is great so that suggest they're good pressers. I'd start with these 2 first.

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