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  • Add search by future transfer (either exists or by a transfer date similar to transfer embargo date for clubs)
  • Bulk delete future transfers (like loans) to quickly remove ones you have added in the game in previous editing sessions
  • option to either wait for criteria to be added or as criteria is added for searching the database
  • better handling of large edited databases (I have over 300k recorded changes and it has become excruciatingly slow
  • amend player attribute position to either a drop down of positions when selecting "position" rather than includes or make the selected position i.e. goalkeeper to be changeable to other positions rather than having to navigate the drop down menu to change
  • Better connection of data points i.e. I.e. player history joined and exited dates to amount of time at a club data (including removing if I delete time at a club) and the dates on "player history" and non-playing history as they are independent but showing the same info (maybe delete non-playing history for players if its not used for anything in the game / remove the history dates in player history if non-player history is dominant)
  • Be able to delete transfer fees directly from the box (player histories) rather than having to use the detailed boxes below
  • Develop a mechanism to enable data files to have hierarchy / supremecy for specific things i.e. for simplicity I might create a data file focused on changes to clubs (non players) like removing B teams or changing finances. I might create another one for competitions and I might create another one for players - when it comes to loading them a mechanic telling the game to use a) use file x for all competition data, b) use file y for all club data, c) use file z for all player data and d) use the default file where no changes are found - hopefully this would help reduce conflicts and errors
  • add a remove and delete from the database option on club "players" pages. Right now you can remove them from the club but then you have to find all "unattached players" to physically delete them from the database i.e.
  • Create the ability to "mass Edit" clearing player histories / non-playing histories - i.e. in Portugal and some other countries you have youngsters with nearly entire careers of history as 0's for (I assume) all the time they have been in the youth teams - I would like to be able to select all players say under 18 and mass edit them by clearing their history (rather than go into every single player and doing them individually)
  • Linked to the above make "appearances" either international or club searchable - i.e find all players where playing appearances is 0 or less than x - which would allow me to do the above even cleaner and less risk of deleting actual history rather than 0's. With this make it add from the player history page and then use this figure within the game as the starting point
  • Link future finance to players being at the club i.e. if I move a player then either alert me that there is club financial information linked or better simply delete it from the club's record
  • On club finances restrict the search just to players at the club i.e. if I am adding future transfer fees for a player and I click to add the player's name search just that club's players not everyone in the database
  • For chairmen/women add some link to level of wealth (as shown in the coverage of Newcastle recently not all billionaires are equal) and currently with the "front end" its hard to give them unlimited wealth (within the confines of reality of course) without amending their reputation and for that to be recognised by the game
  • bring the xml file for takeovers into the editor i.e. be able to allow/remove certain types of takeovers within the editor at a club/nation level
  • Create the ability to move clubs (build on swap ability) and transfer key information between clubs i.e. if I swap Norwich & Leeds at the beginning of the current game to create a scenario where Leeds were promoted and Norwich weren't it would be great if the season history (club league history) and last position and the competition history record all changed as a result
  • Linked to this if you change something like in the scenario above automatically deleting the "achievement" from players (Norwich) and adding them (Leeds) would be a nice added touch
  • Add "has international data" at the top of player international data page to easily turn off existing history (i.e. if you are trying to create a legends database or something similar in which you might want to make all existing players super young and therefore remove their international experience) - and make this mass-editable
  • Enable mass editing on person type
  • Add a reset button to attribute pages to easily enable reverting to 0 - you could also add a make perfect button but that might be stretching it
  • Enable mass editing on "days at club / in nation" page to include the ability to clear - currently you can add I think but you might just want to clear these records for the players selected
  • Add region (not of birth) as shown in the game as a searchable criteria for nation i.e. UK & Ireland rather than having to individually select England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland as separate or statements
  • Search for / find ADDED i.e. new records the user has created and allow these to be exported as a file that can be added into a future version of the game - process would need to allow flexibility of existing unique ID in order that when imported they disregard the old one and assign the next available one as if they had been created as new in the current editor - upon import create and export a report with the old and new unique ID's on to allow those that have graphic packs assigned can update the XML files
  • On Favourite Player & Club Legends pages (clubs) add the ability to create a new record for that person (i.e. if you want to make them as a staff member or in a legends edit bring them back into the game) that can be edited as if creating a new record from scratch where one doesn't currently exist



  • Arrange future transfers
  • Cancel Transfers (both arranged & in-progress)
  • Add/Remove Transfer Embargos
  • Disconnect Names / Nationalities & Languages from search i.e. favourite club and the name I enter there shouldn't be the one in Nation but equally "England" shouldn't then be the default the next time I come back to club again
  • Edit Chairmen/Women / owners - i.e. make them really old and likely to sell the club or edit their vision on football
  • Edit player history (never gonna happen but I can wish) including deleting rows



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