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I see that this is calculated on a match playing basis so regardless whether they play or not it impacts on your salary performance with the board. Can't this be rectified so you are judged on what it's actually costing the club on a match by match basis? 

Instead of offering a new contract would it be better to have an agreement that the player stays. I've offered salaries and bonuses of 0 to keep a player as a substitute aren't players in most leagues registered with the FA's restricting them to a number of clubs each season, is this implented in Amater leagues? 

Staff wages. I pay far more for these than players but aren't judged on this, who is at the club?

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Non-contracts are based on match appearances and players are paid on that basis (plus bonus fees).  But each player's "salary" on a non-contract gets factored into the wage budget based on expected number of matches played.  So more of a key player's appearance fees will be added into the wage estimates than for a backup player.  Therefore, you are being judged on what the club is expecting to spend based on your actions:  the appearance fees you've agreed AND the squad statuses you've assigned.  The board is expecting that your key players will play more than the scrubs.

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11 hours ago, Scotty Walds said:

It's to stop you from stockpiling non-contract players, just so they can't play for other clubs.

God knows what question this is answering:rolleyes: 

Where are the regulations on how often a player can move or clubs they play for in each league. Most leagues have registration forms surely the contract to play acts as this in the game. 

Any idea who pays a loan players bonuses? You or the parent club.


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