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[Discussion] Options when asked to pick an affiliate club by the board.


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I love an affiliate club, it’s a vital part of building up the clubs I manage. Whether it’s sending players out on loan or diversifying the nationalities of players coming into the youth set up I am always asking for new affiliates. 

However, when the board give me the chance to get involved I find the lack of options and flexibility frustrating and often just let them get on with it. 

I feel I would use it more if...

I was able to recommend more than one club to the board for consideration (much like they do to us) .  


I was able to recommend to them a club from a particular country or region. Say for example I wanted to increase commercial revenue. Please look for a club in MLS. If i wanted to send my players out on loan to achieve game time. Please look for a club in the second tier of English football. 

it’s a great part of the game that with a few tweaks could become much more involving. 

hope that made sense. 

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