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Attributes display issue


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I’ve had a sudden issue with the way my attributes are displaying.


I added a small facepack (since removed from system) and upon clearing my cache and reloading my skin, this happened. The attributes now do not fit within the space and scrolling is required to view them all.


Can anyone suggest a solution to get things back to normal? From what I can see, I don’t think that I’ve made any changes to resolution or anything. 

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3 hours ago, bluestillidie00 said:

you definitely on the overview page and not the profile page? drop down in the top left

Yes, certain. It’s across the board. My default view is set to attributes and always has been. Not experiencing any other UI issues. I installed the facepack, reset cache, and the issue occurred. Now can’t find anyway to revert it back.

Any ideas?

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12 hours ago, bluestillidie00 said:

are your zoom and resolution settings correct? 

Yes, definitely. I’ve been through and tested the lot and they all seem to have the same issue. My game has crashed a couple of times when attempting to change resolution. Probably related in some way?

Just seems to be affecting the attributes section only. 

Really odd.

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6 hours ago, bluestillidie00 said:

hmm. try clearing your cache and preferences, if this doesn’t help then i’m completely stumped 


Done that twice and hasn’t worked. I’m stumped myself. Can’t figure it out whatsoever. Driving me up the wall.


Thanks anyway matey. 

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