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International Teams - Never Greyed Out


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Good Afternoon Team,

A side issue but one that has been frustrating in every FM that's been made, can we please have each season you play in the game, enough players generated (by however means) to fill enough of the roster for each of the teams at international level for every nation?

So for example, if I play a save in England, over the course of many years, many africans, asian sides and some north american outfits will have greyed out players and they won't generate any players going further and eventually irrelevant.

It would be nice to always have each nation generation say... 100 players if it's on the large database and guarantee that every nation has it's youth sides and senior side filled with real players. This could even be something you tick when you start the game because it's not a necessary feature, but it's not realistic to, after a while, play greyed out team after greyed out team internationally except for the 20 odd nations who usually always generate talent.

Any queries just let me know.

Kind regards,


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you can circumvent this issue by loading all active players of top clubs in the countries you want to maintain "real" players.

If you choose all countries, all countries will produce enough regens to have active national team players deep into the game. Allthough this can come at a cost of more players loaded at the start of the game.

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