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[FM20] [Fantasy] Falkland Islands

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Falkland Islands Football League Database

Copa Libertadores

Falkland Islands Football League Logos

Falkland Islands Football League Kits

Falkland Islands flag


Falkland Islands Football League

Falkland Islands F.A Cup

Falkland Islands League Cup

Falkland Islands Youth League

Falkland Islands Youth F.A Cup



This is my take on the Falkland Islands Football League. The national team play in CONMEBOL, can you improve them to not be the worst?

36 real players have been added to the database, there are club badges and kits available to download too as well as a new Copa Libertadores if you wish the clubs to qualify for club competitions.


In-game pictures will be up soon too!

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Love this! Im leaving a suggestion for you, as an alternative version of this: Doing Falkland Island League as the rest of the CONMEBOL leagues structure, i mean as playing an "Apertura" and "Clausura" (Opening and Closing Stage). But is only a suggestion, its on you if you want to make it or not. But just for this, Thank You!

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Just a small update.

Currently talking to the Falkland Islands Football League about getting some real players in the database which is exciting. Looking to maybe get a file to edit so the club sides enter the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Sudamericana, it'll be 4 teams but I don't think I can get around that

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6 hours ago, andrewr2711 said:

This looks like it'll be a great save to do, do you know whether or not they'll be eligible for the Copa America at any stage?

I did a holiday and they only seem to be part of the World Cup Qualifying 

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12 hours ago, Dan BHTFC said:

Now waiting for face shots of players so I can add a facepack for all the added players.



How did you manage to get in contact with their FA or the clubs? I've had recognition from the Isle of Man FA for my database but can't seem to get a reply in regards to getting any data or information.

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I put out a tweet about my database and tagged them in it, then they followed me and I asked about player info (there aren't many players)


You might be better off asking each club for information

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