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[FM20] The Return Of Paolo Di Canio


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My last thread for2020 probably, I've not had much success in writing stories for my careers on FM20 lately so guess i will give it another bash,may as well as we all on lockdown eh!!

The idea of the save is a kinda journeyman,not a save that i setup often but I like to start off with "odd managers" if you want to call it that and no other than Mr Di Canio himself

We'll start in his native Italy of course but i have a few nations loaded up,not too many just for a bit of variety to see where we end up along the way,Press conferences should also be interersting as we all know he likes a rant as you can see on the video i posted below :D


I hope that you enjoy my content which i share here and do please feel free to ask any questions along the way,i shall be updating where i can of course

The following leagues are loaded below..



A good bit of variety as you can see with a healthy player count as well giving me loads of options.i may change nations as i go along




After the clubs demotion so Serie D due to financial issues,they seem to have high hopes of getting back into the Serie A pretty soon and with my tactic below im hoping that this will do the job..


Decent wing backs chucking crosses into the middle will be my choice of style for this save,its a setup ive always enjoyed using and im hoping brings me success here,you may also see Matri and Abate,these two are on trial and do not start the game at Bari,which i will discuss further on.

So lets crack on shall we :)


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Transfer Window


Not much transfer news to be honest,Laribi loan deal was already arranged prior to arrival at the club.We took Abate on trial but in the games he played wasnt very good and also wanted a staggering wage,so in the end we cut him loose,we also tried a very audacious bid to bring in Yaya Toure who was a free agent offered him a contract but then decided to join one of the Arab teams,was worth a bash!! We got Matri in who brings a wealth of experience to the team up front and has done well so far in the games played.Couple of other additions just to bolster the ranks really giving us some cover when needed..


Very pleased with how we have started so far some really good performances


We currently sit in 5th place a steady start indeed,just need to maintain it.

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