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Help required please

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Hi everyone, if anyone could help or suggest anything it would be great cheers!

I bought a Lenovo IdeaPad slim, 81VS mode num, it has 4gb of Ram.


I have loved playing Fm 20 the past week but my god is it slow only have half a star game speed and I am starting to struggle to sit and let it load things! 

is there anything I can download like game boosters or can u buy more Ram for a laptop ? And will that make it run faster ? Any suggestions would be great! I already run on a low database etc for players and only have the Scottish prem and English prem! 

half a star game speed is horrible must be something I can buy or download 



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Unfortunately the only thing you can get to significantly boost the performance is a laptop that performs better. 

You can of course buy more RAM , that will increase performance. I'd say at least 8gb, 12 is better and more is overkill IMO for FM. Don't expect miracles though, it would (anecdotally) probably get you 2 stars I reckon. Maybe not even that. 

You could buy a solid state drive, but unless you have an extra slot for a HDD this may not be possible. And a new graphics card. This is all if you're slightly tech savvy. I'd suggest putting windows on your SSD and keep the SSD for windows programs only, and everything else on your second HDD . If you have one. 

Limit background programs running, isolate everything you don't need on . 

Sound easier to just buy a new laptop?? 

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