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Finances/Merchandise sales

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It would be great if we had a much more detailed breakdown of our team finances. For instance in my current save I have:

  • A Japanese player that is constantly leading my shirt sales. He also has one of the most hefty contracts in my squad. It would be extremely helpful for me to know how much money I'm making from his shirt sales in order to decide what's the maximum amount I should pay him.
  • 3 affiliate clubs for merchandise reasons (increase profile in foreign country). I would like to have an estimate of the income I make from each to decide whether I should cancel the affiliation or not. Also, when a player is scouted and the scout provides a "marketability" estimate, it could also include which percentage of that amount affiliate clubs are responsible for (e.g. if I have an affiliation with a club from the player's home country, X% comes from the affiliation).

In addition, some other merchandise info/estimations I would like to access:

  • Friendlies/tours. E.g. is it better to set up a pre-season tour to Japan or to Qatar ? How would it affect my merchandise sales for the upcoming season? How would it affect my team's profile in these countries in the long run? If I tour all the time to foreign countries, does it affect my home country fanbase/merchandise sales?
  • A map with my team's profile per country (e.g. very popular in Japan, mediocre in South Korea, unknown in USA) as well as suggestions on which countries to "target" for merchandise improvement.
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Also a super minor fix:
The color of transfer debt is counter-intuitive. If I have a negative transfer debt (i.e. I'm owed more than I owe), it should not be colored as red but either as black or green. Intuitively, red implies that I should fix something.

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