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New CD/BPD PI: "move into midfield"


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Currently the option is missing to have a defender to move into midfield. The only option there now is when you have 3 at the back to make on Libero-Attack, but when playing 2 CDs/BPDs this option is missing where one of the two can step into the midfield and support. Would be great if this can be added as player instruction, with the note that this mostly happens when the team is in possession higher op the field, so the defender stepping into midfield becomes an extra midfield outlet. It shouldnt happen when the buildup is being done or when not in possession. 

Ive tried to create this via player traits as 'move forward when possible' or 'bring ball out of defence' but the effect is very limited to none compared to how this works in real life. Frenkie de Jong at Ajax for a while played as '4', going into midfield - where the fullbacks covered together with the remaining CB. Also Kompany at City used to do this.

Having this really as a consistent instruction instead of player trait could make a big difference - opening up to really getting a defender to step into midfield once the team is in possession on the opponents half.

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