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Big impact on budgets after selling a player

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Yesterday in my Palermo save I sold a player, Fabio Maestro, to a Chinese team for €30m. The board allows me to spend 70% of incoming transfer fees, so my transfer budget went up with about €20m (to a total of €22m). 
This is all normal, but besides this it also nearly tripled my wage budget! This went from about €280k per week to €740k per week. So instead of just adding it to my transfer budget and then allowing me to shift some of it to the wage budget, it seems like you get to spend the incoming money twice. I have also noticed this happening in a different save.

Did anyone else experience this? Is it a bug?

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Ah yeah sorry, I forgot to mention that. He was just on 17k a week so that can't be it.

It seems like you just get to spend the incoming fee, and then spend the same money again on wages, but the wages will obviously lead to higher expenditure in subsequent seasons too. This could easily get you in financial trouble if you can't resist spending it.

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