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Match preperation (touch)

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Playing FM2020 touch. I've been having problems with tactics that work very well suddenly becoming useless. To figure ouy why this was i loaded up an editor to view my match preperation values. 

What I found is that despite training a tactic and playing that tactic on matchdays my match prep slowly gets worse and worse over time.

How is this possible and how do i stop it from happening? I usually leave training to my assistant manager but even doing it myself it still happens.

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I have just read somewhere that match preparation in fm touch doesnt exist, that your team always has full tactical familiarity as unlike the full game you can only have 1 tactic (not 3 at once). Can anybody confirm that this is true? That training and playing games doesn't not affect players familiarity with a tactic?

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Correct, there is no tactical familiarity on FM Touch.

As for the reasons why your tactics "suddenly becoming useless": this is more likely to your club evolving into a different kind of threat to the other CPU teams as time goes by and your team is winning more games, and so instead of going 'toe-to-toe' with you with their own tactics, they now sit back, defend narrow and hit you on the counter (for example).

So you'll also need to adapt, as they have done, and a good way to do this is to watch more of your games to see what the problem might be visually, and then perhaps focus your play out wide, create overlaps and stretch the pitch (again, for example).

A visit to the tactics forum is advised here.

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